NOVAD Management Consulting, LLC.: Leadership Development at its Best

E. Davon Kelly, The President & CEO
When Mr. E. Davon Kelly, a native of Washington DC, established NOVAD Management Consulting in 2003, his goal was straight and simple. Mr. Kelly wanted his consulting firm to focus on cultivating long-term relationships with clients based on ongoing dialogue, mutual trust, and integrity, instead of quick fixes, short-term answers, or one-off solutions. To accomplish his vision, Mr. Kelly, the President and CEO of NOVAD, carefully selected consultants with technical expertise in the fields of strategic planning, asset, and property management, marketing, business process re-engineering, and IT support as well as training in interpersonal and coaching skills. And the result? NOVAD became the prime contractor for multi-million-dollar projects in the corporate space and the federal government.

In the years followed, NOVAD proved as a viable asset to multiple Federal Government Agencies, including the Small Business Administration, Housing and Urban Development, and Health and Human Services. The company also provides its leadership services to the Office of Asset Management for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Today, NOVAD functions as a full-service management consulting firm that applies corporate values of collaboration, best practices, and high performance to provide leadership development services. The ability to collaborate seamlessly with an organization and offer a carefully-calibrated approach to realistic problem solving is an added-value that it provides to clients. “Many small businesses don’t have the financial resources or strategic experience or the capabilities to enter a market. That’s where we shine, as we get involved with the clients’ pain points and work on a strategy that best suits their needs,” comments Mr. Kelly.

NOVAD’s core expertise includes:
• Project & Program Management
• Business Process Re-engineering
• Financial and Compliance Auditing Services
• Program Financial Advisory Services
• Property Portfolio Management
• Loan Servicing
• Network and Computer Systems Management
• Development Training and Executive Coaching

NOVAD’s first-rate knowledge and experience extends from project management support to quality assurance/quality control reviews to strategic planning. By thoroughly evaluating the direction and flow of their client’s business, NOVAD helps them grow by optimizing operations and enhancing competitiveness. “Our job is to make your company run smoothly and at peak performance through best business practices,” says Mr. Kelly.

Our job is to make your company run smoothly and at peak performance through best business practices

NOVAD focuses on strategic processes to achieve outcomes for clients and customize them based on the clients’ needs rather than the contract objectives. “We are exceptional at assessing what the client wants. This has allowed us to be successful in a lot of our contracts,” states Kim Geddings, the Training Executive at NOVAD. In an instance, NOVAD performed Organizational Transformation, Change Management, and Performance Management services to help build a stronger ODA (SBA Office of Disaster Assistant) management team and created an opportunity to identify areas to improve communication, collaboration, and eventually, how to break through silos and strengthen ODA. NOVAD also facilitated and supported the Leadership Effectiveness Initiative 2 (LEI 2), which was designed to develop trust and collaboration through actionable assignments that achieved positive changes and results.

NOVAD used structured interviews, meetings, focus groups, and facilitated workshops. The company provided a framework and process through which participants were engaged in discussions to think through solutions for solving the problem at hand. Finally, they developed realistic and actionable plans to implement the solution(s). “We researched and applied best practices relevant to those solutions, and emphasize the pairing of best practices and practical experience from within the client’s environment to produce unique and customized solution(s),” says Kim Geddings.

According to Mr. Kelly, the powerful customer relationships built by NOVAD’s team is what steer them ahead of the competition. “Having quality relationships with our customers brings us into these conversations early to make recommendations and offer training solutions that upskill and reskill their employee base,” states Mr. Kelly. “We don’t believe in shortcuts nor short term goals; we believe in long term partnerships.”

Under Mr. Kelly’s leadership, NOVAD has been bringing innovative methodologies, and extensive experience on various contract support activities, and the company plans to follow the same path. “We believe investing in the community is important, so our roadmap ahead we will continue to be a community and corporate game-changer,” concludes Mr. Kelly.


Landover, MD

E. Davon Kelly, The President & CEO

NOVAD delivers realistic approaches to problem-solving and provides an experience-based understanding of business challenges. They offer solutions that meet goals across the limited budgets and constricted timelines. When clients engage with NOVAD as partners in success, the company shares in the risk and embraces accountability for their work. They deliver unparalleled value, cost-effective, and timely solutions, and always exceptional service so that the business can reach the highest performance possible. They facilitate client independence, as well. NOVAD takes extra care to document the work along the way carefully and then give them tools to keep the business running smoothly