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Valerie Martinelli, CEO, VMC
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Valerie Martinelli, CEO, VMC

I created Valerie Martinelli Consulting, LLC 4 years agowith social change in mind. The mission is to provide professionals with the structure and tools to receive equal opportunities, compensation, advancement, and respect in the workplace. Equality is a value that I strongly believe in and our society continues to strive for. It is also a driver for our services and ultimately, the foundation for our purpose. VMC’s services work towards equitable solutions for our clients while ending disparities in the workplace.

There has not been another time in history that we have felt these disparities as much as we do now. My belief is that this is why VMC’s services are so valuable, particularly in our tough economic climate.

Resume Writing and Personal Branding

VMC’s first-tier service is our Resume Writing and Personal Branding services for professionals and executives. Most busy professionals do not have time to continuously learn how to best write a resume, while others freely state that they have trouble and need professional assistance. This service has been designed to help best sell your skills, expertise, and achievements to potential employers. It also takes into consideration the technology that has become prevalent within the hiring process and the screening of resumes.

Personal branding is a service that helps jobseekers optimize their LinkedIn profile and reach potential employers through storytelling and positioning yourself as an authority in your industry, elevating your credibility, and differentiating yourself from the competition.

Career Coaching for Professionals and Executives

Another one of our most popular and beneficial services is the InPower Career Coaching Program, which helps professionals and executives land a new role and a salary increase. There has been much success to date in this program because clients have found new roles that they are passionate about, which has made a difference in their career trajectories and opportunities for advancement. They have also had much success in earning salary increases, most between $15K- $60K additional on the original offer.

This program is impactful and unique because it takes clients on a deep dive of their mindsets. It will help build your confidence, find your strengths, encourage you to build a career utilizing those strengths, and better position one to reach the next level in their career. It also helps jobseekers build their personal brand, sell their skills, and learn how to ask for more. I built this program with equality in mind because I wanted to do my part to help create an equal playing field for male and female professionals.

The success within this program has been inspiring. If you are unhappy in your current role, unemployed, or wishing to change careers then this program may benefit you and I urge you to consider the advantages of how making a shift can benefit your career and your life.

Leadership Development for Women…Helping Women Advance & Succeed

VMC also has a second coaching program- leadership development for women. In 2019, VMC was recognized by CIOReview as one of 10 Most Promising Leadership Development and Training/ Coaching Companies. VMC has been at the forefront of providing leadership development for women since 2016.

Our leadership development is for women to help them reach the next level in their career because women are the key to growing our society. This was created with the gender and leadership gap in mind- and establishing solutions to benefit women. Women are severely underrepresented in the C-Suite and we long have been playing with a different set of rules. With leadership development, women are more prepared for advancement to executive level roles and can continue to advance in their careers with the right tools and strategies. This service has been designed to provide women with such tools and strategies for career advancement and success.

VMC Wants Your Career to Thrive and Prosper

No matter the service, VMC has your career success in mind. Our services are about your career planning needs, which require a strong action plan.We are here to provide you with an approach that will empower you towards securing the role, visibility, or the promotion that you are seeking.When we believe that we can thrive, that is when we have the power to change the world.