Wirth Leadership and Coaching: Honing the Art of Self-Leadership and Development

Carol Morgan Wirth, Founder and CEO There's a long-held view that "leaders are born, not made." Proponents of this belief assume that certain predispositions and inherent personality traits make a great leader. Although this thought process fails to rationalize the $366 billion industry that is leadership development and coaching, lessons from such schools of thought justify that "leadership is an intrinsic intelligence rather than something that can be taught or learned."

Carol Morgan Wirth, Founder and CEO of Wirth Leadership and Coaching, challenges this long-standing leadership theory!

"Leaders are not born, they are made," she says. "I believe leadership applies to every person—it's not merely a position in an organization chart, but rather a set of skills that one can learn and hone! If nothing else, you're the leader of your life."

Carol can't be wrong. Her conviction stems from her three decades of experience in the corporate world and comprehensive understanding of transformational leadership.

Having served in numerous executive leadership positions of large corporate organizations as well as in multiple small/mid-size consulting firms, Carol understands that developing self-leadership skills and learning to lead authentically is critical in a highly competitive corporate landscape. This mindset has allowed her to successfully build new organizational capabilities and turn around under-performing business operations while achieving optimum growth and profitability targets. Throughout her career, Carol was influenced heavily by leadership gurus—Stephen Covey, John Maxwell, and Ken Blanchard—whose teaching she followed and practiced religiously. Not just that, when she embarked on her own journey of self-discovery and exploration, she learned to live and lead her life authentically— making tough decisions to properly align her life to her values and passions.

"I've always loved to teach, mentor and coach individuals to define and understand their unique gifts and then help them to develop these gifts so that they can achieve their personal version of success and thrive. It is my passion for fostering authentic leadership and serving people that has led me to form Wirth Leadership and Coaching," Carol comments.

Wirth Leadership and Coaching is a personal and professional leadership and coaching company that provides customized coaching to individuals and teams along with small business consulting services designed specifically to meet an organization's unique needs. By employing a holistic communication style, the company taps into the multiple intelligences of the whole self to bring out the very best in clients, help them handle conflicts, and foster better collaboration within their organizations.

Our leadership coaching is centered around self-awareness, which enables individuals to understand and leverage their strengths while minimizing the impact of their blind spots

"Self awareness and personal development is the starting point to become the best leader you can be. Our leadership coaching is centered around self-awareness, which enables individuals to understand and leverage their strengths while minimizing the impact of their blind spots," Carol notes.

Where True Leadership Begins

Wirth Leadership and Coaching primarily focuses on small business owners, their leadership teams, and individuals. The small business owners are often challenged with strategic and operational leadership, team development, succession planning, and cultural issues. Wirth Leadership and Coaching helps them move to the next level by effectively addressing these hurdles with a unique approach.

To help clients develop authentic leadership skills, the company offers self-discovery/ team-building accelerators that aid in the acceleration of self-awareness, development, and transformation. Carol's formalized training content covers various aspects of leadership, including people management, communication, and conflict resolution, to help clients face such challenges. For this, Carol utilizes specialized tools, such as the Enneagram and Clifton Strength Finders, among others to help leaders understand their strengths, weaknesses, and challenges. These tools aid them to become exemplary leaders by assisting them in identifying their sweet spots and innate strengths. "These tools and related coaching help to walk my clients through a process of self-awareness and self-discovery," mentions Carol.

In her training programs, Carol incorporates a unique methodology based on the idea that no one style of leadership fits all situations. As different situations call for different leadership styles, she first invests time in understanding her client's requirements through assessments and then enables them to face discrete challenges strategically while helping them develop an authentic leadership style.

"I'm not the kind of mentor who likes to come in, teach a class, and leave. Not once have I seen this approach deliver any true value. Instead, I take the time to meet my clients, really understand them, their issues and goals, and then draw a roadmap that suits the situation," says Carol.

Wirth Leadership and Coaching personalizes their solutions and delivers a combination of various training programs offered via many modalities that include digital, virtual, and face-to-face training. And as the pandemic has presented new challenges to in-person training and coaching, the company now offers digital and virtual sessions according to the clients' preferences. Not only is this more convenient and flexible for customers but also highly economical. Although most of the company's clients approach them for professional training, it almost always bleeds into the personal side. Carol notes, "As a Whole Person Certified Coach, what I have observed over the years is that the line between professional and personal development is becoming blurred."
A Touch of Ken Blanchard

To take things up a notch, Wirth Leadership and Coaching is a Channel Partner of The Ken Blanchard Companies, offering their training curriculum as a part of their coaching programs. For more than 40 years, Blanchard has been creating the best managers in the world, training over 150,000 people each year. From the award-winning First-time Manager program— based on the best-selling business book, The New One Minute Manager—to SLII, the most widely taught leadership model globally, Blanchard is the expert in management training across all levels of an organization.

So, what's the result of combining Carol's expertise in leadership development and whole person coaching with the curriculum offered by Blanchard's?

"World-class leadership training programs that hit the right mark— offered in modalities that clients prefer and targeted/customized to meet their requirements!," Carol asserts!

With such robust tools in their arsenal, Wirth Leadership and Coaching was instrumental in helping many companies redefine their leadership strategies. In one instance, Polaris Solutions, an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and custom software development consulting firm, reached out to them for facilitation services. The client's team consisted of 60 members, and they were struggling to expand their business. Upon onboarding the client, Carol helped them utilize an operating model called the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). And, over the year, she performed an organizational development assessment that included evaluating various aspects of the business, including leadership and organizational structure, company culture, employee development approach, and more. With that, Carol developed an organizational roadmap for the client that helped them move to the next level in record time. Today, Carol is working closely with the client to deliver on that roadmap and assess the impact of her training on their overall growth and development.

"As a Whole Person Certified Coach, what I have observed over the years is that the line between professional and personal development is becoming blurred"

Polaris Solutions' CEO, Chris Kadel, shares a glowing testimonial: "We have been working with Wirth Leadership and Coaching for almost two years. We initially engaged Carol to perform an Organizational Development Assessment as we had outgrown our existing business model and structure. Since then, Carol has been leading us through the recommended organizational roadmap supporting the team every step along the way. She has been a great collaborative and practical partner willing and able to deliver business strategic consulting, organizational and process design, master facilitation, leadership training and coaching services in a way that matches the needs of our team and focuses on ensuring results."

Such success stories stem from Carol's expertise in helping her clients achieve success through numerous coaching and career development programs. She plans to delve deeper into the true meaning of self-leadership and development, helping more individuals and businesses sharpen their focus on personal development and transformation. "I believe that organizations are suffering greatly with poor leadership. This is mostly because they are not investing in people and their growth like they used to. This will have a huge impact on our younger generations given that they have to lead companies virtually and keep pace in a rapidly changing world.

Wirth Leadership and Coaching

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Carol Morgan Wirth, Founder and CEO

Wirth Leadership and Coaching is a personal and professional leadership and coaching company. The company provides customized coaching and small business consulting services designed specifically to meet an organization's goals and objectives. As the company's coaching is centered around self-awareness, it enables individuals to understand their strengths and find ways to leverage them in their leadership styles. Their coaching methods also allow people to reach befitting positions in the organization and make an impact