Talent Management Software Develops Future Leaders
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Talent Management Software Develops Future Leaders

Kevin Sessions, President & CRO, TalentQuest
Kevin Sessions, President & CRO, TalentQuest

Kevin Sessions, President & CRO, TalentQuest

What are the most effective ways for organizations to deal with an aging workforce and the subsequent transfer of knowledge to the next generation of employees? How must they build and plan for the future to ensure that the retiring key managerial personnel is replaced by the most appropriate ones? An all-encompassing amalgamation of talent management, leadership development, and persistent learning is the solution that organizations must be looking for. To comprehensively address the talent development challenges that prevail in most organizations, Atlanta-based TalentQuest offers a combination of talent management software, behavioral science, and learning solutions. “Since not every competent employee can become an efficient and impactful manager, what we offer can help organizations not only select, manage, and retain the right talent but also develop their future leaders,” states Mahim Mishra, President, Global Learning Solutions, TalentQuest.

TalentQuest provides leadership development programs and training to help executives, managers, and supervisors within an organization develop skills necessary to lead successfully along with developing their team and effectively coaching the team members. From an e-learning perspective, the company provides custom training on a wide number of topics related to leadership development. In addition, TalentQuest’s software has various built-in tools based on behavioral science to assist managers in becoming better leaders by understanding the individuals as well as the dynamics that exist within a team. “We are in the midst of rolling out a new library of e-learning courses focused exclusively on how managers can best guide, inspire, and move their teams forward,” adds Kevin Sessions, President and CRO at TalentQuest.

For TalentQuest’s team, it’s all about recognizing the precise needs of every individual within an organization and delivering the right information to the right people at the right time.

By providing an organization’s high-potential employees with relevant and accurate information about what their existing leadership shortcomings are and the kind of development programs required to overcome these deficiencies, TalentQuest ensures the future-readiness of these employees. The company not only introduces various leadership concepts to employees but also assesses their knowledge retention so that the training and information are retained on an ongoing basis. These capabilities are further bolstered by TalentQuest’s expertise and experience in behavioral science, competency management, performance reviews, 360-degree feedback surveys, succession planning, and more. “Our proprietary personality and trait-based assessments help us understand the core of each individual and, in turn, provide deep insights, awareness, and prescriptive guidance to organizations on how to best hire, manage, coach, or develop an individual,” claims Sessions. Also, as it is crucial for leaders to provide explicit feedback to their team members, TalentQuest also prepares managers for the most likely pushback and communication challenges they will face with their direct reports. Managers can leverage this information to alter their communication style and have a productive feedback conversation tailored to each employee.

TalentQuest’s work with a real estate client that employs a large number of agents illustrates the effectiveness of the company’s talent management software. TalentQuest assists the client in effectively assessing these agents, and at the same time, provides a way to evaluate these individuals to determine whether they will turn into successful managers in the future. Multiple assessment programs that TalentQuest has devised include simulations of various scenarios that agents might face as managers, thus preparing them for the future. The company has been successfully delivering such well-defined assessment and talent management solutions to many other clients and now aims to make its training programs more interactive by using mixed reality.“The ability to simulate real-world situations in a virtual world will enable us to accelerate exposing leaders to a number of diverse scenarios and experiences that would otherwise take years to experience,” concludes Sessions.

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