Spearheading the Leadership Coaching Industry
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Spearheading the Leadership Coaching Industry

Paul Sylvester, President & Founder, Sylvester
Paul Sylvester, President & Founder, Sylvester

Paul Sylvester, President & Founder, Sylvester

In the immortal words of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, “what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.” Paul Sylvester was the successful CIO of a billion dollar company for several years when he found himself in the hospital facing open-heart surgery with less than a 20 percent chance of survival. How is it possible to turn that life-altering moment into positive growth in life? Industry veteran Sylvester, now a certified International Business Coach and the president and founder of Sylvester Leadership Coaching Redefined, not only lived through that experience, he thrived.

After surviving his surgery, Paul’s perspective on life changed; “I started living with the intention of creating a better legacy, and I found my true ‘why’: to inspire people to develop life-changing behaviors without having life-altering experiences. In turn, they will better contribute to their business, families, and communities: world.” Sylvester says, “Sylvester Leadership Coaching Redefined exists because I didn’t just want to improve my level of competency, I wanted to help others do the same.”

Building Stronger Employee- Manager Relationships

Sylvester founded his company in 2004 with passion and purpose: to increase employee satisfaction, reduce turnover, and build stronger employee-manager relationships. Sylvester provides executives and managers tools for agile behavioral training and business coaching, to nurture effective relationships with employees. He leverages his experience as a CIO to develop a vision for goal setting to attain measured results and trains stakeholders to understand behaviors and develop behavior change strategies. Whether its leadership development, team building and performance, management training, business communication, or sales development, Sylvester leaves no stones unturned to make communication an enabler and redefine the management with experience, honesty, and accountability.

As a renowned behavioral and leadership coach, Sylvester is not only a certified partner of The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team methodology—a partnership between best-selling author Patrick Lencioni and Wiley Workplace Learning Solutions—but is also certified with John Maxwell with Leadership Coaching and My Everything DiSC Assessments. The Five Behaviors is an assessment-based learning program that helps organizations unearth the requirement specifications to build a truly cohesive and effective team in the most convenient, competent, and effective way possible. “I use a combination of their methodology along with a few assessments at the beginning of the client coaching journey to figure out their position on the leadership map and then coach them to improve. Progress occurs in an agile coaching journey and after a few months of training we retake those same assessments and analyze the results,” explains Sylvester. He states that the assessment is based on trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results. All are necessary for developing effective leadership skills and making positive changes. The model helps clients enable their team members to work together more efficiently, effectively and agilely, leading to higher productivity by tapping into the skills and opinions of all team members. Teams can make better decisions faster with adaptive planning because the model saves time formerly spent on politics and destructive conflicts.

Results are a differentiator and a multiplier based on the secret sauce Sylvester has identified.

Inspiring the True Leader in Every Employee

Many leaders and managers have benefitted from Sylvester’s leadership, management skills and style. Rick Webster, the VP of IT of a leading sales and marketing services company, required transformative coaching for leadership success. Sylvester’s 12 month 1:1 executive coaching program helped Webster become a more effective, respected, and influential leader, and transform a team of good, individual contributors into an inseparable, well-oiled machine. As a result, Webster attained stronger leader competence and confidence with increased efficacy in all eight aspects of interpersonal leadership and improved departmental collaboration. The coaching also led to enhanced employee engagement and workplace satisfaction. “Paul’s 363 methodology, combined with his C-level experience, natural gift to coach and mentor any situation, and ability to quickly get to the root of an issue, helped me grow further than I thought possible,” praises Webster.

Team Sylvester focuses on helping individuals adjust to new organizational realities by offering both growth-oriented and change-oriented training programs and coaching across the full spectrum of leaders—from those emerging to those on the executive team. “We mix brutal honesty, motivation, learning, and accountability to inspire the true leader in every employee and we have fun and celebrate success as we do it. Whether the client has a corner office or is an early career employee, Team Sylvester’s expertise in developing effective leadership skills applies to one and all. Our clients are the growing entrepreneurial start-up to the multi-billion dollar public company and all are eager to achieve more.” explains Sylvester.

Similarly, Sylvester’s expertise was successful with a large financial institution. The institution required design and implementation of an employee engagement initiative and a high-performing sales training program that would not only improve sales but build leaders to create sustainable organizational transformation. Through the discovery process, the client decided to expand the project scope to include comprehensive leadership development training and executive coaching for all senior staff. The financial institution increased sales by over 55 percent as a result of the Team Sylvester collaboration and measurably grew confidence among sales teams. Additional benefits realized to drive future growth were deeper cross-organizational relationships and networks. “We provide coaching programs to clients’ management and leadership teams to realize improvements in productivity, quality, organizational strength, customer service, and shareholder value today that will also build their tomorrow,” notes Sylvester.

Sylvester also provides a variety of workshops and keynote speaking engagements to help participants with learning as an ongoing process including finding work-life balance and work-life integration and for improving personally and professionally. From an individual’s perspective, coaching results in better teamwork, job satisfaction, reduced conflict, and renewed organizational commitment. “Our work culture is based on accountability and honesty with core values of integrity, trust, and resolving conflict woven in for an improved positive behavioral culture. When you tie a financially successful company with a behaviorally successful company, the financial success increases tremendously,” states Sylvester.

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